Utilities and the Path to Digitalize

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  • June 22, 2020

A quick Google of “technology transformation” brings up just under 500 million results, but many of them aren’t even about technology transformation. Instead, most results speak to digital transformation and digitalization.  

Add the term “utilities” at the end of that search, and the meager 170 million results are almost entirely focused on digital transformation. 

In the realm of power utilities, digital transformation and digitalization are without a doubt foundational to the industry’s trajectory into the 21st century. They are not the sole proprietors of innovation for utilities — but they do carry a lot of the load. In a recent survey completed by 290 utility respondents, T&D World asked about driving forces for digitalization, investment priorities, and challenges that stall progress.

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Enjoy this article at https://www.tdworld.com/smart-utility/data-analytics/article/21134450/utilities-and-the-path-to-digitalize

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