Our Foundation

Our company’s founder, Craig McKenzie started his engineering career at a small consulting firm in central Florida which primarily served the heavy industrial and mining industries. These industries required a wide range of services, necessitating a dynamic and multi-faceted engineering skill set. After his departure from that company, Mr. McKenzie was able to leverage that engineering skill set and unique problem solving ability to successfully found Engineered Design Services, LLC (EDS) a nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Engineered Design Services has been executing high quality engineering projects of various sizes and types, operating under four fundamental principles.

Our Fundamental Principles:

Culture is one of the most important aspects of any workplace. EDS defines its culture on the following four fundamental principles:


Whether providing site civil development services on a new commercial facility or designing a new 500kV transmission line, there is no room for errors or inaccuracies in design. Therefore, EDS has enacted a three-phased approach to quality control, including comprehensive training up front, as well as two layers of review after the design is completed.


At many engineering consulting firms, clients can become little more than revenue streams. Employees lose sight of what’s really important, and group performance suffers as a result. At EDS, we limit our client list so that we can learn the standards and preferences of each client ensuring your needs are consistently met and/or exceeded.


One of the best ways to ensure our clients are treated right, is to treat our employees right first. At EDS, we have a tight knit family culture that is based on leadership through empowering its employees and allowing them to express their creativity in design while remaining within the guidelines of our clients preferences.


You are likely to spend more waking hours at work than any other place during a given week, so at EDS we believe you should enjoy that time as much as possible. Our team members work hard, but are also allowed the freedom to have fun, and in fact are encouraged to do so.

Our Team Leaders